LIB-TECH T-Ras '20

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Chris loves the Travis’ shape and plays in the same big nasty freestyle terrain that Travis calls home. This year the two teamed up and dreamed up a special Raz model to the T.Rice pro line up. All the resort and park freestyle versatility to make the perfect daily driver and the float and power to push well beyond perceived limits in the wilds of BC and beyond. Quite possibly the best snowboard ever made from two of the best snowboarders to ever strap in.
All Mountain/ Freestyle
Bend: Rocker/ Camber Hybrid
Shape: True Twin
Level: Advanced, Expert
Flex: 7
Mounting: 2 x 4 Inserts
Core: 60% Aspen, 40% Paulownia
Base: ECO Sublimated Sintered
Fiberglass: Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax Fiber with Basalt
Horsepower Construction
Tip/ Tail: Lightweight Spin Slim