LIB-TECH Lost Rocket '20

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Matt Biolos has been snowboarding since the early 80s. A lifetime of shaping surfboards has given him an incredibly trained eye for functional, aesthetic design lines and detail.

One of the few consistent surfer collabs in the world, Lib Tech have teamed up with Paul Lefevre (Son of Cobra) again to bring another version of the surf-inspired Rocket board. The Rocket is a wider directional shape with a progressive elliptical sidecut that loves carving hardpack and groomers, combined with floaty nose that lifts in the pow and eats up broken snow. Slash everything.

OP+ Original Power Construction + Sintered Base
Light - Environmentally Nicer - Strong
Core: 75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia
Glass: Tri-Ax/ Bi-Ax Fiber
Top: Eco Sublimated Poly Top
+ Base: Sintered
Birch Internal Sidewalls
UHMW Sintered Sidewalls
UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection
Camber3 -Aggressive All Terrain Contour
Aggression - Control/Precision/Power
Camber/Mild Rocker/Camber
Unreal Edge Hold - Magne-Traction
Serrated Steak Knife Technology
Legendary Surf Shaper Matt Biolos'' Directional Ripper
Mervin Made USA - Zero Hazardous Waste
Art by Son of Cobra
Flex: Medium/Firm