AIRBLASTER Hot Bib Pant W 19

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For the women who prefer style, functionality, and bibs, the Airblaster Women's Hot Bib are a must-see. For starters, these snow pants offer a 15k / 10k waterproof breathability rating that immediately let's you know that they're built for business. They feature Airblaster's signature tailored fit, which was specifically designed to be a more flattering cut that doesn't have a negative impact on mobility. The result of which is that you'll look great while being able to move about without restriction. The other sweet aesthetic touch that Airblaster enlisted or their Hot Bib Women's snow pants, is their signature wax finish. By applying a thin layer of polyurethane, Airblaster is able to achieve a vintage wax canvas look on these pants, without the hassle of having to recoat. Plus, the polyurethane increase the waterproof nature of the snow pants without any adverse affects on breathability. Toss in fully taped seams, a hidden stretch panel for increased shoulder strap comfort, and multiple pockets, and you're looking at what many might refer to as quote, "a total package".